The Flat Life – Hello, COVID-19!


COVID-19 has led everyone on this planet to stay at home and not go out. It is the only way to lessen the spread of the virus – stay at home, frequent handwashing, social distancing, and self-quarantine. It would have been a better situation for everyone if we all lived on a farm with a huge green space, a suburban home with a garden, patio, and balcony, or a huge apartment that has space for everything. But what if you live in a flat, a tiny place that you share with three other people?

If you are one of those millions of people who work far from home or have to share a room since the budget is tight, I hope and pray that the people who are now with during this lockdown season are good to you. Otherwise, it will be a very awkward time, walking around those who are not in good terms with during this time.

Anyway, you can also take this time to re-decorate your home, if you want. A change of scenery would be nice, and that is if you have the budget for it. Here are some small room or tiny space tips for you to try it this pandemic time.

  1. Re-arrange your toilet and bath, if you have your own, and not sharing it with your flatmates. You can start by downsizing the accessories within your bathroom. Instead of putting big items, opt for decorations. It will make your toilet and bath appear roomier.
  2. Let’s say you have a word in changing up your living room. Talk to your flatmates (whom you should be really good friends with) and tell them that it would be nice to change up your sofa. A sofa is usually bulky, big, and long. Put a settee instead of a sofa, and it will lessen the bulk in your living room.
  3. You don’t like a settee? Then, settle for a love seat. It is cute and comfy too.
  4. Kitchen rules – what happens to those food lid containers? Get an organizer for them and keep it stashed neatly. During this time, wherein the chaos of the COVID-19 world keeps you locked up at home, the house should be very neat, clean, and organized. This will give you a sense of peace, especially in the kitchen. Also, it would be easy for you to locate a lid for that Tupperware instead of you asking your mates, “Ah, guys. Where’s the lid???”
  5. You can also put a table under the bathroom sink and stash the toiletries down there. Yes, it will look like a mess if you don’t cover it. Solution? Skirt the table so you can hide those toilet papers, shampoo bottles, lotion pumps, and soap bars.
  6. Have you heard of the term “smart furniture?” Smart furniture is a multi-function furniture. For example, a coffee table that has compartments, a bed with drawers underneath, or floor to ceiling cabinets.
  7. You need more storage, but it has to be hidden. If that is so, then, buy a Zinus SmartBase Mattress Foundation. It has a 13-inch storage capacity under the bed frame where you can put boxes for your things. Yes, box them up. Don’t leave things without containers under your bed.
  8. Expandable rack is the bomb. Place it above your washing machine and dryer.
  9. A wall-mounted drying rack will also need minimal space but provide quite a large storage capacity. It is perfect for those tight spaces.
  10. Use your wall and install a wall-mounted laptop desk. It can be a multi-function desk, too – make it your workspace or vanity area.

Are you smiling right now? Did I give you ideas on how to work around your house during the lockdown? Are you excited about doing this project? There are many ways to make your space appear bigger. You will have to spend a bit, but it is okay. As long as your sanity is intact during the lockdown, then the effort will be worth it.

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