Quarantined In My Flat – How I Survived

Honestly, this pandemic situation caused me a lot of mixed emotions. First, it stopped me from getting outside and doing the things I usually do. It made me deal with a jobless situation and face the uncertainty without anything on my hand. Second, it took away my sense of security because I was not sure how to deal with my financial and social issues. Third, it gave me stress and anxiety, which is, by the way, is the worst of all because I live alone in my flat. Now I think about all the things in my life. I knew the fear I have caused an emotional and mental dysfunction. So how am I surviving despite all this stuff?

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Do What You Can Do

One thing I learned from the experience of living alone in my flat is always to use the things that are available. Never wished to have something that is not there because it would only make you feel less focused on finding a solution to a problem. Let say, for example, you need to have food on the table. With regards to convenience, you would want to have your food delivered to you by someone from the outside since you are on lockdown. But why not make your meal? That way, you can avoid exposing yourself from the virus because you might never know if that person in your doorstep is a carrier of the infection or not. As for me, I never relied on food deliveries because I also want to secure the other person’s health in some ways.

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Stay Motivated Even Though You’re Alone

It is always a struggle for a lot of people to be alone. It causes sadness and emptiness that somehow leads to isolation. Honestly, I was there. I experienced the entire emotional dilemma that I know I wasn’t supposed to have. But as I viewed myself in this pandemic situation, I thought that I only have myself in this battle. Thus, I have to get motivated. So every time I woke up in the morning, I started my day with a smile. And even though I sometimes felt that life is unfair, I knew I have to stick to what is more important. That is to stay focused, healthy, and alive. But note, it took me a couple of weeks to finally come to my senses and think about that. So I guess it is never that easy.

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Take Each Moment To Be Thankful For Everything

The problem with most individuals is that they do not often like to compromise. Some are insensitive to understand that there are things they cannot control. With that, they filled their lives with complaints and regrets. But as for me, I liked how I spent time alone with myself. Honestly, this pandemic situation made me realize I am more than what I think I am. I became aware of the people surrounding me, and I saw their significance in my life. I became conscious of the things I can do physically, mentally, and emotionally. Somehow, it made me think that even though I am alone right now, there is nothing much I should worry about as long as I had my overall balance.

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Well, despite the uncertainties of this Coronavirus situation, I can say that I appreciate the way I handled myself. Again, it was never easy, and I struggled a lot. However, those struggles I experienced were not enough to make me quit living. And with a positive mindset that I inserted on my head, I survived my home quarantine experience.

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